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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2018 9:21 am 

Joined: Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:02 am
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Hi, I am writing a web app for pdfs and there is an option to fill the fields.

I am happy that there is an open source library, i would even help you with it if i would know how to.

But there is a problem that i cannot mitigate.

Somehow my code is not working when setting the values of the fields, they are visible, horribly in pdf.js ( this one is on pdf.js, they dont pass font to the textfields, and they look too big ).

But when i use pdf js to download the pdf file there it is, and i can open it with notepad, the field values are set meaning the /V is set to the text that i expect.

I am even using /NeedAppearances from the thread from this very forum, still nothing.

Could you please help me out?

the code for fillling the fields looks like this:
      using (var memorystream = new MemoryStream())
      using (var pdfmemorystream = new MemoryStream(pdf))
      using (var document = PdfReader.Open(pdfmemorystream, Settings.Default.OwnerDocumentPassword, PdfDocumentOpenMode.Modify))
        if (document.AcroForm.Elements.ContainsKey("/NeedAppearances"))
          document.AcroForm.Elements["/NeedAppearances"] = new PdfSharp.Pdf.PdfBoolean(true);
          document.AcroForm.Elements.Add("/NeedAppearances", new PdfSharp.Pdf.PdfBoolean(true));
        var fields = document.AcroForm.Fields;
        foreach (var item in modifiedPdfFields)
          var acroField = fields[item.FieldName];

          switch (acroField)
            case PdfTextField textField:
              var font = textField.Font;
              textField.Value = new PdfString(item.ModifiedFieldValue);
              if (textField.Elements.ContainsKey("/DA") == false)
                textField.Elements.Add("/DA", new PdfString($"{font.Name} {font.Size} Tf 0 g"));
                textField.Elements["/DA"] = new PdfString($"{font.Name} {font.Size} Tf 0 g");
              textField.Value = new PdfString(item.ModifiedFieldValue); // what what?
              try { textField.Text = item.ModifiedFieldValue; } catch(Exception ex) {
                Logger.Debug("Exception from the textField, but we expect it to happen.");
              Logger.Debug($"Parsing field with {textField.Name} type {textField.GetType().Name}");
            case PdfListBoxField listBoxField:
              listBoxField.SelectedIndex = int.Parse(item.ModifiedFieldValue);
              Logger.Debug($"Parsing field with ${listBoxField.Name} type {listBoxField.GetType().Name}");
            case PdfComboBoxField comboBoxField:
              comboBoxField.SelectedIndex = int.Parse(item.ModifiedFieldValue);
              Logger.Debug($"Parsing field with ${comboBoxField.Name} type {comboBoxField.GetType().Name}");
            case PdfCheckBoxField checkBoxField:
              checkBoxField.Checked = bool.Parse(item.ModifiedFieldValue);
              Logger.Debug($"Parsing field with ${checkBoxField.Name} type {checkBoxField.GetType().Name}");
              Logger.Debug($"Skipping field with name {item.FieldName}");

        document.Save(memorystream, false);
        resultingPdf = memorystream.ToArray();
      return resultingPdf;

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