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How to set no vertical line in a cell
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Author:  newbieCoder34 [ Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  How to set no vertical line in a cell

I have a table within a textFrame so that I am able to create two tables next to each other.
On the right table, I need two headers labeled "Date" and "Invoice". On the next row underneath in each cell of course is the date and invoice data. But, underneath that data, I need another header labeled "Account" and of course on the next row inside a cell, I need that account data. So in total I have 3 headers which I need two on top with the data in each cells, and then I need another header underneath those data.

My code so far:

 //textFrame for "Bill To" info
            TextFrame billFrame = section.AddTextFrame();
            billFrame.Height = "5.0cm";
            billFrame.Width = "6.0cm";
            billFrame.Left = ShapePosition.Right;

            table = billFrame.AddTable();
            table.Borders.Width = 0.75;

            column = table.AddColumn(Unit.FromCentimeter(3.5));
            column.Format.Alignment = ParagraphAlignment.Left;

            column = table.AddColumn(Unit.FromCentimeter(3.5));
            column.Format.Alignment = ParagraphAlignment.Left;

            //putting table inside billFrame
            row = table.AddRow();
            row.HeadingFormat = true;
            cell = row.Cells[0];
            row.Shading.Color = Colors.Gray;
            cell.Format.Font.Bold = true;

            cell = row.Cells[1];
            cell.Format.Font.Bold = true;


            //define row and data of "Bill To" table
            row = table.AddRow();

            cell = row.Cells[0];

            cell = row.Cells[1];

            row = table.AddRow();

            cell = row.Cells[0];

Within the table, I don't want the vertical line to go all the way down into the "Account" header since it is a header. How do i get rid of it?

Author:  newbieCoder34 [ Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to set no vertical line in a cell

Using MergeRight = 1; I was able to have no vertical line within the cell.

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