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Overlaying two PDFs
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Author:  JanGD [ Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Overlaying two PDFs

PdfSharp is used successfully to create PDFs.

A new requirement is to merge a PDF containing the Company Design (CD) behind a quote/order/invoice. The CD is a complete page, where the header and footer have data in it (image, text)
Conversion of the CD pdf to image and draw an image as a watermark is unfortunately not sufficient, because the document must be kept editable (like the data between header and footer, like the address), which is not possible when a full page picture is drawn behind it. Or is it possible to set the image to be not editable/selectable in a pdf editor?

My idea was to merge the PDFs not via an image but with its Contents/Objects together. Or is there any other creative solution? (something like to make the CD not selectable)
I am no expert in PDF, like know the syntax of the documents etc.

Any hint is greatly appreciated

Thank you

Kind regards,

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