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Add attachments to PDF documents?
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Author:  MoonTimber [ Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Add attachments to PDF documents?

There are some really old threads in which the answer to my question was "no, it can't be done". I'm hoping that sometime in the past few years the functionality I'm looking for has been added, and that someone can provide an example of how to do it.

I have to capture outgoing email messages, then convert them to PDF documents for a document management system. Some of the outgoing messages have MS Word attachments, which also need to be included in the records. I've figured out how to capture the outgoing emails and convert them into PDF with PDFSharp and HtmlRenderer, but I'm lost on how to handle the attachments.

I know there is a way to do it with iTextSharp, but if I include that in my namespace I get "ambiguous reference" errors where iTextSharp and PDFSharp clash. I could code around this, but it would be much cleaner if PDFSharp or MigraDoc could handle the task.

Any suggestions?

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