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Update pdf befor print
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Author:  monmsirt [ Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Update pdf befor print

I've created a pdf with a textfield containg information.
I need to updated this textfield with the current date and time just before print document.

I'm able to add javascript to update info when document is opend in this way

PdfDictionary additionalDictionary = new PdfDictionary(this.pdfDocument);

additionalDictionary.Elements["/S"] = new PdfName("/JavaScript");
additionalDictionary.Elements["/JS"] = new PdfString(PrintUpdateScript);

this.pdfDocument.Internals.Catalog.Elements["/OpenAction"] = PdfSharp.Pdf.Advanced.PdfInternals.GetReference(additionalDictionary);

How can I do the same before print document?

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