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Split Pdf by bookmark(outline)
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Author:  ronnogal [ Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Split Pdf by bookmark(outline)

I have a very large program that is building a folder structure and populating the files with pdfs and dxfs. In this program I need to be able to split some of these pdfs into pdfs by bookmark(outline) using PdfSharp in C#. The best example I can give is I might need to split a pdf that has 12 bookmarks(outlines) and there are 3 different bookmark names. So the resulting files would be 3 pdfs 1 with 6 bookmarks and 2 with 3 bookmarks each. Each of the three would be saved by the original pdfs part number with the bookmark name at the end. If there is a block of code anybody has that would accomplish this is there anyway they could share it please. Thank you very much.

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